6 Desember 2010

Gambar-Gambar Terbaik Luar Angkasa Sepanjang Tahun 2010


 An aircraft against a solar eclipse seen from Thailand

 A new picture of dust columns in the Carina nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mars shines over a moonbow as seen from atop Hawaii's Haleakala volcano.

 A picture of a sunspot captured by the New Solar Telescope (NST) at Big Bear Solar Observatory.

A picture of the Hayabusa spacecraft reentering Earth's atmosphere.

Lake Eyre, Australia, is featured in one of the new satellite pictures in the USGS Earth as Art 3 collectioneep in the desert country of northern South Australia, Lake Eyre is an ephemeral feature of this flat, parched landscape. When seasonal rains are abundant, water fills the lakebed to some degree. During the last 150 years, Lake Eyre has filled completely only three times. When brimming, it is Australia's largest lake.

A picture by European spacecraft Rosetta of asteroid Lutetia

 Picture of an aurora as seen from the International Space Station.

An airplane flies over reddish veins of spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

 Picture of a supernova remnant that shows asymmetry in the explosion.


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